Fayette dominates Du Bois in home double header

Fayette dominates Du Bois in home double header

Lemont Furnace, PA- The Penn State Roaring Lions faced Penn State Du Bois in a double header on their own turf this past Friday.  After battling the unseasonable weather the Roaring Lions were victorious in both games.  The final of game one was 8-0 and the final of game two was 15-6. 

Fayette had several highlighted players in game one of the double header. Kelsey Holp was able to compile 2 runs on 3 hits with 3 at bats.  Casey Hite was able to score 3 runs and 3 RBI's off of 1 hit at 3 at bats. 

Fayette also had several standouts in game two as well.  Tiffany Markovitch had 2 runs with 2 RBI's on 1 hit with 2 at bats.  Kaitlyn Wilson also was a standout with 1 run and 4 RBI's on 3 hits with 4 at bats. 

The Roaring Lions will be back in action on Sunday April 8th at Penn State Du Bois for a PSUAC double header.

Photo Credit: Coach Kevin Brown